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Hill Lakewood Deck

We just finished having a deck added to our house and a large window converted to a beautiful sliding door leading out onto the deck. What a great job by Deck Escapes Co. It has totally changed the look of our home, adding to it's value and the workmanship is awesome! The overall experience was so smooth from beginning to finish and the outcome is so much more than we expected. These guys know their stuff. They were professional, courteous and always cleaned up at days end so there was no interruption to our afternoon use of our yard. We highly recommend Deck Escapes and their crew to anyone looking for home improvements and additions. Great job Guys!

Sherry Hill

Lakewood, CO

Kim, Lonnie, and Dean Deck

This team is extremely professional! They do beautiful work. They actually shoveled snow to start work on time. On several occasions I’d come home to see them measuring every board over and over again to make sure it was perfect. Great communication! We got exactly want we wanted. Unfortunately, we have had our share of bad contractors so I wanted to give these guys a well deserved shout out. Thanks Jake! We love our deck!

Kim, Lonnie, and Dean

Lakewood, CO